Friday, August 18, 2017

Sunday August 20th HyVee 6am or 7am start 18m, 16m, 8m routes

Here's Sunday's routes.  We'll start at 6am.  Half marathoners can start at 6 or 7am.  

I'm using one 6 mile figure 8 loop for our base route.

18 m - will be 3 times through the entire figure 8.

16 m - 2 times plus the bottom have of the figure 8.   You may have to add a short quarter mile out and back at the end or do an extra 1 mile loop in the park after your second loop which will put you at about 16.5 miles.

8 miles - 1 time through the figure 8 loop plus one extra 2 mile loop through Washington Park (cut off the part between MacArthur and Walnut) before returning to loop in Leland Grove.

Water will be placed at Wiggins and South Grand as well as Walnut and Williams Blvd.

You will be familiar with all roads except:

1. the right turn at Leland & Wiggins, Left on Willemore then left on Laurel, then right on Wiggins.

2. Crossing Outer Park on Wiggins, then jogging left and back right to continue on Wiggins up the hill.  Left on Denison, Left on Cherry Hill, Right on Outer Park to finish.

I'll have the written directions on Sunday morning.

Click here to see map on MapMyRide

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Sunday Aug 13th - HyVee 6am and 7am Start - 7m, 15m, 17m

The marathoners need to start at 6am with the first 5 mile loop.   Try to time your start so you make it back for the 7am group start with the half-marathoners.  

Loop 1 -  4.97 miles
West on Outer Park
R on Sylvan
R on Wiggins
Cross S. Grand and turn left on loop in Washington Park
R at bottom of hill on to west side loop
Follow loop to Williams Blvd continue to MacArthur
WaterStop at intersection
Cross MacArthur continue on Williams to Walnut
R on Walnut
L on Allen
R on Spring
R on Ash
L on State
R on Outer Park
Finish at Start point

Loop 2 - 7.17 miles

From the start, South on MacArthur
Right on Iles
Left on Park
R on Wabash Trail (waterstop at Sonic)
Exit trail on R at Vrenderburg Park
Exit the park onto Saxon
L on Drawbridge
Cross Wabash into White Oaks Mall (waterstop on sourth side of stoplight)
Follow loop on east side 
Exit at CEFCU
Cross Iles onto Golf Rd
L at Wyndown
R on Bellerive
R on Greenbriar
Follow Greenbriar as it turns left into Interlacken
Interlacken turns right into Laurel
(Waterstop at Laurel and Pebble Beach)
Laurel to Outer Park
Follow Outer Park to Finish

Loop 3  - Repeat Loop 1  - for 15 miles Run to South Grand on Loop 1, turn right, go to Dial and turn right.  Return to HyVee.

See you tomorrow morning!

- Bill

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Thursday's Interval Run - State Fair Parade Run at 5pm

Instead of our Thursday evening interval run, I'm recommending that everyone go out to the State Fair tomorrow evening and run the 2 mile State Fair Parade Run that starts at 5pm. To get 3 miles in you can do a warm up run before the race by running a 1/2 mile out and back. To get a free entry into the Fairgrounds register today at the Springfield Running Center between 3:30-6:30 PM. 
There is registration on Thursday from 3-4:30 PM at Ethnic village on the fairgrounds, BUT you will have to pay to get onto the fairgrounds. Hope to see you at the fairgrounds on Thursday!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Sunday Aug 6 HyVee 6am and 7am start - 3 m, 10 m & 13 m routes

The weather forecast for Sunday morning is mid-60's with a 60% chance of rain.   We will run in the rain unless there is lightning in the sky.

We'll start at 6am for the Marathon distances with a 5 mile loop.  

The 2nd loop will be a short 3 mile loop for the cut back run for the half-marathoners starting at 7am. If you are a half-marathoner that wants to run 5 miles then show up at 6am or about 7:45 to run the last loop.

The last loop will be 5 miles.  If you only want a 10 mile morning you'll run a 1 mile out and back after the 2nd loop.

Loop 1: 5.29 miles

Written directions will be provided on Sunday morning.

See you Sunday!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Thursday night run Aug 3rd

We'll start our 3 mile run from the northside snack bar in Washington Park.   See you there!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Sunday July 30th 6am & 7am start 6m, 13m & 15m routes

From the south side of HyVee in front of the Board of Elections Bldg, a 6am start for the marathoners and 7am start for the half-marathoners.  Marathoners will have a 5 mile loop before the 1/2 marathoners start at 7am.

Temps should be perfect for an early morning run!

5 mile Loop (Leland Grove Switch Back) Marathoners

Written Directions
West on Outer Park
Follow all the way to where it turns Right into Laurel
Laurel to Wiggins
L on Wiggins
R on S Grand
R on Bates (Waterstop)
Just before Bates runs into Outer Park turn L on Ivywood
If you miss this turn L on Outer Park
Turn L on Park
follow back to S Grand
R on S Grand
R on Lincoln (Waterstop
L on Outer Park
Finish at HyVee

6 mile loop - All runners

Written Directions:
North through HyVee Parking lot to Dial
R on Dial
Quick L then R onto Douglas
L on Willlams Blvd
R at next stop sign
Go down hill 
Quick R then L onto Lincoln leaving Washington Park
L on Fayette at top of hill at Stop sign
L on Feldkamp 
at bottom of hill R onto Washington Park loop
at next stop sigh L onto the Carillon hill
Water Stop at this intersection
L on Fayette
Quick R on Chatham Rd then Left on Parkview
Parkview turn to the left 
L on Oakmont
cross Old Jacksonville Rd continue on Oakmont
Oakmont turns to the right
L on Interlacken
R on Pebble Beach
Pebble Beach turns to the right
L on Laurel - we are heading back to Leland Grove through Tara Hills
Water Stop close to this intersection
Cross Chatham Rd
R on Outer Park
Follow Outer Park to the finish at HyVee

2 mile loop with a 2 mile extension for the 15 milers.
Extension is one 2 mile loop in Washington Park before connecting back to this 2 mile loop at Lincoln and S Grand

Written Direction - North through HyVee parking lot to Dial 
R on Dial
L on S Grand
L on Lincoln
L on Outer Park to Finish

See you Sunday morning at 6am or 7am.  

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Thursday's Interval Run

The weather forecast at this point is about a 45% chance of rain with temps in the low to mid 80's so we should have a good run Thursday evening at 6:15pm.

The plan is to run the Williams Blvd loop. We'll meet at the southwest corner of Williams and MacArthur Blvd.